Supercharge your website experience with Tandora AI ChatBot !

Tandora Chatbot is a custom tailored chat bot customised individually for every business to meet their business needs.


Chat bot will be customised and deployed individually based on your business needs.

apps Integration

Integrate Chat bot with your own database and third party apps that you use.


Create Custom template answers from which customers can choose responses.


All the Chat transcript data will be stored with 256 bit encryption safely in our Server.

Use cases

Business Sites

  • Use Chat bot to record queries during off hours.
  • Use dynamic scripts to provide responses of FAQs being asked in the chat.
  • Integrate chat bot with your database and list orders and other associated info in the chat widget.
  • Integrate chat bot with third party apps to pull info from your multiple business apps that you use.

Niche Use Cases

  • Integrate chat bot in health care industry to book appointments and integrate payment gateways.
  • Use it in food delivery industry to make orders, make payments and issue refunds.
  • Use it in E-commerce sites to check past orders and show status of current orders, expected delivery.
  • Use it as a CRM tool to engage with website visitors and collect their information.

About us

Tandora is a SaaS app aimed to let businesses to reach out to their customers faster.

Our mission

To enable our customers to reach their customers faster.

Our Vision

  • To provide a platform for customers to make their business successful and profitable.